Dairy farmers talk about the impact of the ClusterClean System

Mr Dodd. Malpas, Cheshire

“ SCC down from 500,000 to 66,000 in 3 months!
Mastitis was a problem we used to have , it nearly cost me my milk contract.

As far as I’m concerned, ClusterClean has paid for itself with the amount of mastitis tubes I’ve saved.”

Mr Calvert, North Yorkshire.

I couldn’t believe the quality of the flush. After a couple of weeks we can already see an improvement SCC’s down to from 220,000 to 152,000 without keeping cows out the tank. I am over the moon with it.

Joylan Farms – Preston

After 4 years – It’s a good and reliable system, (500 cows milked 3 times a day.)

We milk 500 cows 3 times a day and wouldn’t milk without it. It stops our mastitis spreading through our herd,

It’s means that we can continue to expand to 700 cows through reduced culling.

Mr Williams, Shropshire.

Saved over half an hour dipping clusters and does a great job at keeping mastitis under control. It has protected our fresh calved heifers from picking up infections from old high cell count cows.

Mr Wallbank, Preston.

The vet called to ask why we haven’t had any mastitis tubes in 2 months, we haven’t had any mastitis cases. (edit – touch wood!)

Mr Chatham – Shropshire

Can’t fault it for our Organgic herd, our cell counts have come down from over 400 to 260 in 2 months, Mastitis rates are down and they are still going down. Very quick & simple.


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